Camp Maldives hints, tips and facts!


Here at Camp Maldives we want to make sure people doing our program have the best tips and advice for when they’re away having the time of their life. We stumbled across this blog post which gives you some handy advice on what to expect from the beautiful island which is the Maldives.

Maldives is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. Malé is the capital and it is a country known for world class scuba diving and calendar worthy beaches. As far as tropical destinations go, the Maldives is cream of the crop. The sand is starchy white powder and the water is so teal you can see for meters upon meters. The underwater world offers giant Manta rays, whale sharks and more varieties of fish then you could even chart in your log book.

Do you need a visa? US Citizens get a free 30day Visa on Arrival

Currency: Maldive Rufiyaa ( $1USD = 15.4MVR | Dec 2015 rate)

Climate: Tropical, humid and very warm

Primary Religion: Muslim

Local Languages: Dhivehi

Etiquette Tips: Dress modestly when around locals, women should wear long pants or shirts below the knees and shirts with sleeves (three quarter or long sleeves) to avoid unwanted attention, tight fitting clothing should be avoided out of respect for the culture when on the local islands and Capital.  Follow beach rules-  public beaches on local islands do not allow conventional swimwear – you will need to wear long shorts or leggings and a t-shirt to swim in.

Must Visit: Malé, South Ari Atoll

Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss: Scuba diving the spectacular reefs, hanging out on deserted islands. At Camp Maldives you meet friends for life so should experience as much as you can!

Things you shouldn’t do: Do not sunbathe nude, do not walk in villages or cities without proper clothing on and do not step on coral or import products.

Some of these questions are some we would ask if travelling to a New Country! Camp Maldives is all about making memories that last a life time and getting the most out of the time we’re there!
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