2,200 foreign teachers working on Maldivian islands!

At Camp Maldives we like to get involved and keep up to date with the latest news that’s going on in the islands. We came across this article about the changes to the Education System in the Maldives and knew we’d love to share it. Whilst at Camp Maldives program we do work with local schools, teaching the young children and filling them with confidence so they flourish in their education. We’re thrilled that the government has upped the level of teaching quality in all schools; they have also given training to teachers on how to teach children with disabilities.

Schools across the Maldives opened today for the new academic year with more than 75,000 students enrolled in 223 schools.

Outlining key preparations for the new school year, Education Minister Dr Aishath Shiham said the new curriculum introduced in 2015 for grades one through three is being extended for grades four through six this year.

The new curriculum will prepare students to become “self-confident, patriotic, devout and aware of the challenges of a changing world,” she said.

All teachers at public schools have now achieved diploma level training, she said.

Some 28,533 students are enrolled in Malé schools while 47,222 are enrolled in the atoll schools. A total of 4,200 Maldivians and 2,200 foreigners are employed as teachers by the government.

 60 teachers that have been trained in teaching students with disabilities will join public schools too, the ministry has said.

A school song was meanwhile introduced in the Arabic medium school Arabiyya School for the first time in 25 years.

The ministry has also brought all pre-schools under its remit this year. Some MVR 25million was spent on improving facilities at pre-schools, the ministry has said. A sports scholarship for outstanding athletes has also been pledged.

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party has criticized the government’s education policies, especially the reversal of single session schooling to double sessions in Malé schools this year.

Single session schooling was first introduced during the ousted MDP administration. The current government had cited lack of space and overcrowding in Malé schools for making the change. The academic year runs from January 13 to November 17.

The Maldives has achieved near universal primary school enrolment, but the quality of education and the disparities between public schools in Malé and those in the atolls are a major challenge.

The percentage of students who passed in five subjects in their tenth grade exams is improving marginally every year. Only 52 percent of students who sat the tenth grade exams passed five subjects in 2014.

We’re so delighted that the level of education is improving all round in the Maldives. If you’re lucky enough to be coming out to Camp Maldives with us this summer, or next you’ll have first-hand experience of changing young peoples lives forever. With our program at Camp Maldives we hope we can really make a difference and embrace this new change by the government. If you want to get involved this summer then apply now! Spaces are filling fast.

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