“Camp Maldives for me was life changing!”

Camp Maldives for me was life changing, you may hear that a lot from people that travel round a fair bit. I myself have done my fair bit of travelling however never something like Camp Maldives. Not only did you get to see the luxurious side of the Maldives, but you really got to become part of a local community which for me is far more beautiful than any 5* resort.

The leaders of the camp couldn’t do enough for you, they are so kind, caring and generous and will try their best to fill the camp’s rota with not just volunteering but many excursions to other islands, snorkelling spots and sand banks. The whole community on the local island are very kind and are more than happy to have you there, help you and answer any questions about their life. I came back from the Maldives with a bigger heart than ever, I MUST go back!

Maldives 2

-Rhiannon Rogers