My First experience at Camp Maldives!

The first experience of the Maldives was incredible and it’s all down to Camp Maldives!


When arriving onto the island we got the best welcome with coconuts and warm faces. Accommodation fine everything you would need for your stay! Schedule during my time was very full of the most beautiful Snorkeling I’ve ever seen. Trips to a sand bank, uninhabited island, resort, wake boarding, volleyball and football. Teaching the kids English was the best part for my experience seeing them grow in confidence and getting to know about them and their futures and the different cultures. Last but not least spending time with the guys that were helping us around the island.


They are the most genuine and kind people I think I’ve ever met and this made my experience the best I’ve ever had! The Maldives have stolen my heart and I will be back very soon to continue my experience and make more memories.




-Louise Hooper