Have you ever dreamed of living the island life? Welcome to Camp Maldives! Located in the heart of the warm Indian Ocean there is no better way of experiencing an island lifestyle.

Our Camp Maldives’ participants come to experience something totally fresh and being surrounded by the warm tropical seas, fresh is exactly what it is. These tropical islands offer a retreat into escapism and the chance to help out and support local communities desperate for English language teachers and conservation enthusiasts! It’s all about making a difference.

We support the local schools and communities by running language classes, workshops, sports schools and reforestation projects – so there’s never a dull moment for those keen to make a difference. In your down time, we run surf schools so you can enjoy the Indian swell, island tours, BBQ beach parties and night time glow-in-the-dark fishing trips!


So, if you’re looking to combine a Pacific adventure on a tropical island whilst making a huge impact within a still-developing community; then look no further, you’ve found Camp Maldives.

Our UK head offices are based in Manchester, so if you’re local or in the area, please drop us a line and come and say Hi to have a chat about Camp Maldives in more detail… or just come and play a game of ping-pong with some of team!

camp maldives