Camp Maldives 2021

Welcome to Camp Maldives 2021!

Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving reality behind and living the laid-back island life? Camp Maldives is the perfect way to experience the island lifestyle in one of the most tranquil hotspots in the world…

Set in amongst serene surroundings, nestled in a heavenly hub within the Indian Ocean, Camp Maldives participants are treated to a unique, fresh experience, encircled by warm, tropical seas.

A tropical retreat into escapism, Camp Maldives is the ideal opportunity to help and support local communities with an avid appetite for education; the program is the creme de la creme for tutors of English language and conservation enthusiasts.

Why Camp Maldives?

Paradise & Nature

Indulge on some of the Maldives most beautiful beaches!


Stay in one of the best hotspots the Maldives has to offer!

Snorkeling & Wildlife

Experience the wonders of the Maldives tropical reefs and get up close to amazing tropical fish and turtles!


Get involved in some incredible activities!


Make a huge positive impact to local communities and change lives for the better!

Accommodation all Included

All accommodation included for the duration of your stay


Come and join US

Work hard, play hard, make impact

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