The safe and secure way to travel and explore the Islands of the Indian Ocean

Get involved with projects that will help you develop new skills

Gain personal development

Help out a thriving and growing community

Improve the credentials on your CV/Resume

Make friends with other camp participants from the UK and Rest of the World

It’s the best experience you will have

The ultimate Maldives adventure available to the market


Imagine waking up on a remote Indian ocean island, with the white sands around you and the sky reflecting off of the calm ocean… you enjoy a fruit-rich breakfast before wading through the tropical, colourful towns in Hoadedhoo. Soon after, you will arrive at your camp project. You will spend a few hours three or four days a week running workshops with young adults and playing games with them before returning back to your guesthouse where the rest of the day is yours to do as you wish.


Take a step back and enjoy a change of pace in the Maldives. Experience a tranquil way of life for three weeks that combines light, rewarding project work with the ultimate exotic escape.


Most of the Camp Maldives applicants are solo-travellers. People looking for that opportunity to put life back home on pause and take some time for themselves. This is best achieved through our program that allows people to undertake really rewarding workshops in still-developing areas whilst allowing plenty of free-time to be enjoyed however you please. 


We strongly encourage all our participants to really get stuck into the work they’re doing within the Maldives. It’s genuinely such a rewarding project and the young adults that partake in the workshops become so devoted to our Camp Maldives participants because of how grateful they’re someone like YOU wants to spend time with them. Usually at the end of the program they celebrate and indoctrinate our participants as official islanders!